Workshops and Public Speaking

South Inc. Strategic Design Dan Roberts has spoken at conferences or facilitated workshops of all sizes all over the world. His style is extremely informative but relaxed and humorous. Your audience will most definitely come out having learned something and felt engaged. Some ample topics are:


Crafting Your Online Marketing Strategies

In these seminars Dan moves into the scary world of discussing return on investment for your online campaigns and how creating a strategy should be much more than simply brand awareness and “being in the conversation”. He looks at how to engage your audience, how to craft your messages and how to measure what matters.

  • Australian Backpacking Industry Conference Byron Bay 2007
  • Queenstown Business Network 2008
  • Australian Backpacker Conference Sydney 2008
  • Australian Tourism Export Conference Darwin 2009
  • World Youth Student Tourism Conference Beijing 2011 (keynote plus workshop)
  • NZ eTourism Conference Auckland 2012
  • New Zealand Mind Health Practitioners Queenstown 2013
  • Business Networking International Queenstown 2014
  • New Zealand Property Managers Conference 2014

Social Media Marketing 101: Everything you need to know now!

In this fast-paced entertaining presentations Dan covers everything that hots in social media and everything thats not plus a number of amusing future predictions. Throw in a few stories and anecdotes of success and failure and this is always a crowd favourite.

  • Australian Backpacking Conference Sydney 2010
  • NZ Backpacking, Youth and Adventure Tourism Conference Auckland 2010
  • NZ eTourism Conference Auckland 2011 (focus on Twitter)
  • NZ Collection Agencies Conference Queenstown 2011
  • ANZ Thank You Kaikoura Conference 2013
  • Social Media Masterclass Queenstown 2013
  • World Youth Student Tourism Conference Manchester 2012 (workshop)
  • Business Networking International Queenstown 2013

Branding and Marketing Workshops

These half-day or full-day workshops covering everything from the history of branding and what makes a good brand to modern tools for brand and marketing strategies such as experience maps, lean canvases, strategy canvases for competitor analysis, and right-brain business plans. Dan mixes real life stories in with videos and practical exercises for an extremely informative and motivating session.

  • Better Business Queenstown 2013, 2014 and 2015
  • Millennium Conference Queenstown 2011
  • Masterclass Queenstown 2013, 2014

Technology in your business

  • Australian Backpacking Conference Sydney 2011
  • Better Business for Small Business workshops Queenstown 2013, 2014 and 2015

Master of Ceremonies and panel discussions

  • New Zealand eTourism conference 2013
  • New Zealand Backpacking Youth and Adventure Tourism conference 2011, 2014 and 2015
  • Australian Backpacking Industry Conference Darwin 2009


Other workshops and speaking topics include:

  • Goal Setting and Getting “Sh*t” Done
  • Experience mapping for customer service
  • Card-mapping for business evaluation and planning
  • Lean canvas and customer value proposition sessions