Rising From The Ashes Of A Failed Kickstarter Campaign

Hypocam was a Kickstarter campaign that launched too early - without an establish Internet presence. South Inc. is working with two cool young guys with an online marketing strategy and business planning to bring this project back to life and get to product actualisation.

Project Details
In early 2015 two young guys from Verona, Italy, got a bit over-excited and launched a Kickstarter campaign for their great product idea – an app and community for black and white photography. Unfortunately, despite having a great well-designed product, a cool video, and a good story, they didn’t have the voice. Their campaign fell on deaf ears.

These days a Kickstarter campaign is as much an exercise in marketing your campaign as it is in selling a great product. You need noise in social media, exposure on key industry blogs, and features in magazines and news sites. Unfortunately, these guys launched their fund-raising before they had built that foundation of PR contacts, editors, and influencers. The result was a disappointing Kickstarter campaign and two very despondent entrepreneurs – on the verge of giving up.

But their product is great, their concept awesome, and their design skills unparalleled. It would be a waste to see such great guys give up. Subsequently, South Inc. has got involved to help create the framework for their project going forward. We have put together an Internet marketing plan with a social media and content creation calendar, a PR campaign, some really great content generation initiatives and reworked the website away from the Kickstarter campaign. Potential investors are now being identified and a “proper” business plan is underway. A second crowd funding campaign is planned for later in the year.

We have turned something that was pretty demoralising into a really fun project with everyone pulling in the same direction. Check out: Hypocam and watch this space for the next big thing in black and white photography.

South Inc. Services
  • Online marketing: creation of a campaign across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, email newsletters and the website itself to create noise Hypocam;
  • Business plan: creation of a business plan to get the business investment ready.

We start our collaboration with Dan Roberts on March 2015 when we presented him Hypocam, a unique project to create the perfect app for black and white photography. Before our collaboration started, we publish our project on Kickstarter but we failed it as we didn’t plan a marketing campaign During the collaboration Dan contributed to the project with the development of a strong online marketing plan, a business plan and some creative ideas. We are still working with Dan and we strongly recommend to work with him on any project as he is very professional, reliable and with lots of great ideas.

Pieralberto Faggian and Matteo Menchetti - Founders Hypocam