Realising Revenue For Local Councils

Netfines was one of the coolest projects we had seen in a very long time. Netfines takes parking and freedom camping infringement notices from the local council databases and presents it to rental car companies so that they can charge the customers at time of car return. This solution dramatically increases the revenue received by local councils and reduces the administrative burden for the rental car companies.

Project Details
In 2011 we started working on one of the most exciting projects we had seen in a very long time. Founder, Jon Ulrich had found a massive opportunity that needed a smart tehcnological solution. Jon realised that most parking tickets were going unpaid by visitors to New Zealand because the rental car companies were not collecting on the tickets on behalf of the local councils. There was too great a lag in time between when the rental cars received the parking infringements and when the travellers returned their rental cars. This was compounded by New Zealand laws which state that it is a defence to prove that you were not in possession of the car at the time of the infringement and therefore the penalty lies with the drivers and not the rental car companies.

Jon’s inventive solution was to create a system that interogated the local council databases for this information so that it could be presented to the rental car companies as they checked out their customers. The rental car companies would charge a transaction or administration fee to the travellers for any positive result – the fee of which would be split between the car company and Jon’s business, called Netfines.

Working with South Inc. Jon undertook extensive technology and business planning. South Inc. assisted in getting a prototype developed through our partner web company Xebidy and attended a number of meetings in support of Jon with local councils and the main systems that councils used for storing the infringment notices. We also discovered during this work that the same problem existed with freedom camping tickets and that councils such as Queenstown Lakes was losing out on hundreds of thousands of revenue. Through Dan Roberts’ extensive travel industry experience we were able to introduce Jon to a number of rental car companies with which he could complete his market research.

In 2014 Jon created a strategic alliance with Violation Management Services, a large US company specialising in the collection of traffic and parking infringements.

South Inc. Services
  • Business planning: Worked with founder to validate product and market;
  • In-person assistance: Met with local councils, rental car companies and council software providers to assist Jon with technical questions;
  • Technology planning: Designed system infrastructure and worked with Xebidy Web to develop prototype;
  • Branding and design: Worked alongside Toby Eglesfield to design the brand story and logo.