Queenstown Resort College Take 5

The Queenstown Resort College Take 5 for Business courses aim at providing a raft of business management and leadership skills to business owners and management of a all sizes of businesses over a series of interactive workshops.

Project Details
Since 2013 South Inc. Strategic Director Dan Roberts has been a facilitator on the Queenstown Resort College Take 5 programme. Covering topics including “Brand, Sales And Marketing”, “Sales And Marketing Masterclass”, “Getting The Customers You Want” and “Technology In Your Business”.

Take 5 for Business is a five module toolbox focusing on measuring and managing businesses of all sizes through better financial understanding, time management, communication, brand marketing, social media, technology, paperwork and legislation that affects a business.  The modules specifically aim at growing managerial and leadership capability within a business and independent thinking and application of leadership knowledge to achieve greater business outcomes.

South Inc.’s Dan Roberts is an integral part of this programme. In 2015 a new two day intensive course was introduced aiming at upper management and business owners with huge success.



QRC Better Business delivers a ‘Take 5 ‘management capability programme delivered over 5 mornings, for aspiring and motivated operational and business managers or team leaders who want to develop the necessary competencies required for general management opportunities . Dan’s extensive experience in the arena of brand generation, social media, online marketing and sales has ensure he is a respected content expert for our Brand Marketing and Sales module on the Take 5 programme. Dan also specialises in technology platforms relevant to market presence and lead generation. Take 5 participants have always enjoyed his engaging storytelling and sharing of experiences to learn from as well as challenging their thinking.

Fional Boyer - Head of Training and Development QRC Better Business