A Business Plan – Fast!

First Table is one of the hottest new start-ups in New Zealand. Launched in 2014 First Table reserves the first table of the night in restaurants all over the country giving the customer a 50% discount on their food. First Table is now rapidly expanding into Australia and South East Asia.

Project Details
First Table needed help and they needed it fast! First Table is one of the hottest web properties in New Zealand right now and rapidly expanding into Australia and South East Asia. But, when your running hot and running lean like these guys things get left behind (officially it is  actually called “operational debt”).

In this case founder Mat Weir was on his way to Jakarta, Indonesia, for a big presentation with one of the biggest owners of restaurants in Singapore and Indonesia and a potential partner – but without a complete business plan. He turned to South Inc. to work fast. Using his existing data, analytics, market analysis and financials South Inc. created a full business plan including market segmentation and personas, competitor analysis and strategy canvas, financial model, team presentation, lean canvas and marketing strategy. In just 24 hours the result was impressive (even if we do say so ourselves) opening a further number of doors across South East Asia and potential partners for First Table.


South Inc. Services
  • Business plan: created hot-looking business plan as Google Doc for sharing with travelling entrepreneur;
  • Strategy canvas: undertook competitor analysis and presented in strategic canvas;
  • Persona analysis: analysed market and created segmentations with matching marketing messages;
  • Lean canvas: presented business plan summary as lean canvas for easy digestion;
  • Marketing plan: based the marketing plan on the 4 P’s principal answering the what, when, where, how, how much, and who framework;
  • Team matrix: for introducing the First Table team

First Table had a last minute opportunity to present a business plan to a potential investor. Knowing Dan’s experience and reputation in the startup/incubator sector I engaged him to formulate the plan on our behalf. Following an intensive business interrogation via Skype, Dan developed and delivered a business plan that represented exactly what I was after and exceeded what I was capable of producing myself. I can unreservedly recommend Dan to anyone requiring assistance putting their “business plan in their head” onto paper.

Mat Weir - Founder firsttable.co.nz