South Inc. Case Studies

Could you make it as a South Inc. client?

Great work doesn’t happen without great clients. We are lucky enough to have worked with some absolute rock-stars dedicated to creating amazing businesses. They set the bar high, and we like it that way. We love the complex challenges. Are you crazy, mind-bending, have  impossible challenges that will not only push us, but also yourself and your whole industry forward?

The below clients were already self actualized leaders. motivated to do “something special” or “something different”. If you think that’s arrogant or over-the-top then maybe you are not the type of client we can help. Our clients put their personalities in the back seat and drive with creativity and genuine team work.

The one's crazy enough to make a difference:

A Business Plan – Fast!

First Table is one of the hottest new start-ups in New Zealand. Launched in 2014 First Table reserves the first table of the night in restaurants all over the country giving the customer a 50% discount on their food. First Table is now rapidly expanding into Australia and South East Asia.

Rising From The Ashes Of A Failed Kickstarter Campaign

Hypocam was a Kickstarter campaign that launched too early - without an establish Internet presence. South Inc. is working with two cool young guys with an online marketing strategy and business planning to bring this project back to life and get to product actualisation.

Creating The World’s Greatest Travel Organisation

Loka is the world's first Flexible Travel Collective offering travellers from all over the world flexible hop-on hop-off itineraries to amazing places and communities and extra-ordinary experiences that no other travel company could access or even dare to take their customers.

Queenstown Resort College Take 5

The Queenstown Resort College Take 5 for Business courses aim at providing a raft of business management and leadership skills to business owners and management of a all sizes of businesses over a series of interactive workshops.

Realising Revenue For Local Councils

Netfines was one of the coolest projects we had seen in a very long time. Netfines takes parking and freedom camping infringement notices from the local council databases and presents it to rental car companies so that they can charge the customers at time of car return. This solution dramatically increases the revenue received by local councils and reduces the administrative burden for the rental car companies.

Taking New Zealand Cycling To The World

NZByBike is the number searched website in New Zealand for cycling information. The site contains hundreds of rides around the country and places to stay, places to eat, things to do and cycling tours.

Innovating Ski Lift Tickets

Launched in 2013 Liftie tried to introduce radical new tehcnology to the ski industry by offering online booking services for ski lift tickets. By booking a particular date in advance skiers would receive discounts on their tickets. Skifields could use the tool to improve their yield on days when the mountain was traditionally quiet.

Revolutionising Travel Management Software

Junction6 is the world’s leading travel reservations system for booking agents, tour operators and activity providers. 100% online Junction6 can handle any size business and virtually any type of operation across the travel industry.