Working With South Inc.

Your business hinges on a great customer experience and matching product, but when your focus needs to be on sales, staff, and financial decisions working on your business is put on the back burner. Immediate business needs continually distract you from your end goal.

We specialize in turning good ideas and businesses into remarkable brands by developing innovative business strategies and infrastructure, strong brand stories, creative marketing, new media PR strategies, and web presence. Our innovative methods are for all sizes of businesses at all stages of development, whether that be a small start-up to a large 30 year-old established business, whether you are looking to adapt to change, innovate your industry, or disrupt your market. We use unique interactive tools bringing in technology, management, and creativity to impact your bottom line through experience-based marketing and business processes. Essentially this means we specialize in crafting marketing and business strategies that will capture the imagination of your business management and team and lead to growth.

The results are not just temporary. By impacting the full life-cycle of your business, we deliver programs that will become foundations of growth for years to come. We are not just about pretty pictures and ideas – although we make some cool maps along the way. We deliver complete solutions. Our unique approach will ensure you:
• Make smarter decisions;
• Bring your team together;
• Build deeper customer empathy; and
• Clarify the big picture.

Whether you need consulting for a new endeavour, professional development for your team, and objective pair of eyes, and/or a creative surge, we can help. Our experienced guides, strategic thinkers, doers, and expert jugglers can help your company “get it” and “get there”. We have experience working in Asia, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Our Services

Our services are individually tailored to your business requirements. We work with everything from large established corporates to small one-person ideas!

  1. Validation

    Working alongside you we facilitate the analysis of your market, your unique value proposition, key success drivers, competitive positioning, required resources and technologies, and distribution/sales channels using tools such as the strategic canvas, lean canvas and value proposition canvas.

  2. Workshops

    Highly motivating and highly interactive sessions bring the best out of your team as they get their creative juices flowing. Using a shed load of post-it notes, big pieces of paper, coloured pencils and lots of talking we undertake journeys using tools such as card-mapping, experience maps, and value propositon canvases in our experience design session.

    From employee engagement to product development or customer-centric strategies, we can spend anything from a few hours to a few days geting your team rolling and providing direction and “buy-in”.

    Workshops are often the best way to define your milestones and goals, identify business pain points, establish messaging and brand voice, and author marketing strategies.

    Our tools will help you generate an unbiased fresh perspective on how to disengage from the status quo? Our goal is for you to address the “elephant” of your business and establish the support of your tem your decision making process to address the ugly grey monster.

  3. Innovation

    Are you applying innovative thinking, tools and behaviour to your business development or management challenges? Let’s go beyond the power point presentation toward real cultural foundations.

    We can apply our warped sense of reality to storyboarding, wireframes, sketching, requirements and spec’ing to any new project or product. And not just technology – we love the “real-world” as much as online.

  4. Integration

    Innovation, validation, workshops – just mumbo-jumbo if the results can be easily integrated into your existing business programs and functions. We design for real humans.

    We can bring a comprehensive toolset of resources such as progress diaries, case studies, social media marketing plans and delivery, comprehensive analysis and research, or the preparation of proposals, business plans, pitch decks, investor and stakeholder reports, and the dreaded one-pager.

    Our partners cover all facets of your business from legal and accounting advice, to PR, web development, online marketing campaigns, and funding.

  5. Incubation

    Do you have the aptitude and desire to make your start-up a reality. We love working with people who are persistent, intelligent, passionate, flexible, and who get along well with others. We tailor our programme to suit you, the entrepreneur, either working in your time over the course of a number of months, often up to a year, or through intensive 30 to 60 day acceleration. Because it is as mentally and emotionally hard on us as it is you we only work with a few businesses every year.

    We facilitate you in either “failing fast” or getting that first execution plan out there quickly. The process involves:

    • Establishment of your initial unique value proposition – in other words, is your product significantly different to everything else out there?
    • And, is there a market for your significantly different product? Who will buy your product and where are they and how many are there?
    • Assuming there is a market for your significantly product we then establsih the Business model with early-stage financial modelling such as how much it will cost to get your first revenue, how much will it cost to get to break-even and waht are the growth possibilities. We will establish your critical success factors, road-maps (3, 6 and 12 months) and finally detemine the funding requirements and how you are going to go about getting that funding (if needed).

    Executing your new plan is the fun bit and we can continue to support you as you move from idea to realisation. This may involve anything from product road-mapping, rapid prototyping of a minimum viable product and market testing, to substantial fund-raising and team-building. Our processes shorten your time to market, and help you manage the workload by prioritising and expediating tasks without jeopardizing long term goals.

Our Vision

Mihály Csíkszentmihályi called it ’flow’. That feeling you get when you’re running on adrenaline, often for days – making decisions with clarity, thinking big and bold – being “in the zone”. Our primary job is to support teams and individuals to get them in a state of ‘flow’. We want those working with us, our clients, to fell full immersion in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of their business. In essence, this “flow” is characterized by complete absorption in creating an ultimate experience of harnessing your emotions to innovate and learn. In flow, your emotions are not just contained and channeled, but positive, energized, and aligned with the task at hand.

Our vision is to support you, our clients, to achieve a state of flow through the functional descriptions of management consulting and business strategies so that you and your teams can realise something special for yourself and your businesses. The positive energy we create with you drives us. We don’t need equity, we need you to be successful.


Brief History of South Inc.

2003 - 2006

While running Irish start-up TravelFAT South Inc. founder Dan Roberts worked in the Tralee Innovation Centre – a hub for high tech start ups.


Dan Roberts founds Xebidy, a Web Development and Strategic Design Consultancy with a number of large customers including Tourism Queensland, Adventure Tours Australia, and Base Backpackers.

8 May, 2007

Xebidy established permanent development team in Queenstown, New Zealand

June, 2009

South Inc. Southern Lakes Business Incubator formed to provide support for a growing number of young innovative businesses in the Wakatipu region. The Heat Shop and NZByBike are the first two businesses to join South Inc.


NZByBike wins regional award at inaugural ANZ Business Plan competition and Junction6 joins South Inc. programme

08 July 2014

South Inc. moves into the larger Queenstown Innovation Centre which can house up to 40 entrepreneurs at a time.

2010 - 2016

South Inc. continues to work with young businesses and expands to providing a host of strategic design and consultancy services to businesses of all sizes and all over the world.


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