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More Than ‘Never Give Up’

The key to finding your motivation is finding your why.

Congratulations you’re an entrepreneur. You have no boss, you have no set hours of work, and hopefully you have no difficulty stayingmotivated. Starting your own business will be one of the most rewarding experiences, but for many, it can be one of the most challenging. The path to entrepreneurial success is one plagued by setbacks, disappointments and changes of direction. Your best friend during these testing times is self-discipline.

Because nothing worth having comes easy.

The world of startups is a cut throat and competitive one. You’ re probably going to fail a few times before you succeed. The ability to push through those setbacks is going to take more than a ‘ never give up’ cat poster on your wall. You’ re going to have to dig deep.

To improve your business, you’ ll need to improve yourself, and this will take dedication and a whole lot of practice. If you’ re struggling to stay motivated in the solo world of entrepreneurship, here are a few tips that will make it easier to get out of bed each morning.

Have a clear vision of the end result

When you accomplish a goal or reach a milestone remind yourself that youare getting closer to the ultimate result. No doubt the end goal will morph as you go, but make sure you have purpose and a clear understanding of how you will get there.

Change it up

Sometimes, change is as good as a holiday. If you’ re sick of the sight of the laptop and your four walls, find a new location. Head outside, park up at a café or find a sunny spot somewhere. Sometimes a fresh perspective will work wonders for motivation as well as inspire some blue sky thinking.

Sweat it outCheck your stats daily

Define the numbers that you’ d like to achieve and break it down to a daily figure. This may be a sales figure, numbers of new customers or number of new leads. Write the figure down and track the stats each day. When you seethat you are close to hitting the goal, you may just get that extra boost of motivation that’ s needed to get you over the line.

Push yourself

Entrepreneurs have a natural inclination for raising the bar. Seek out motivation from your personal achievements. It may be improving your skills, expanding your knowledge or enhancing your strategic thinking skills. Whatever it is that will help you achieve more, will ultimately help you feel more motivated. Sometimes, inspiration may come from outside influencers like a TED talk, a visionary in your industry or a motivating podcast.

Reward yourself

It’ s okay, you’ re allowed to do that. It comes with the territory of having no boss. Knowing there’ s a reward coming after you’ ve “done good” is great for motivation. Whether it’ s a coffee break or a tropical holiday, there’ s nothing quite like an incentive to push the motivation up a notch. It’ s good to reward small victories on the path to achieving long-term goals.

Sweat it out

Staring at a computer screen 18 hours a day is a motivation killer for even the most dedicated of entrepreneurs. Take a break from the screen and do some exercise. The most overwhelming moments and highly pressurised situations are often best dealt with by walking away. Instead, go for a jog or however you choose to break a sweat. The release of endorphins will boost your moodand help you overcome the trickiest of situations. Make a commitment to daily exercise, and you’ ll keep your brainpower and motivation in top condition.

But when it comes down to brass tacks, the most important thing you can do to stay motivated is to find out what drives you.

You may be driven by a desire to make warehouses full of money or you may want to pay off your parent’ s mortgage. Many entrepreneurs are driven by a desire to create a legacy. Perhaps you’ re driven by the benefits that the entrepreneurial lifestyle brings, or perhaps you’ re a control freak and can’ t have things any other way. Find out what’ s at the core of what’ s driving you and use that to push you towards the end result. You’ ll find it easy to work hard when you’ re focused on the why.

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